What It Takes To Make A Good Web Design Great?

What It Takes To Make A Good Web Design Great?

Web design by itself is a broad spectrum encompassing many areas of production and maintenance of websites. To mention a few would be web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization and many more activities that get added as the day passes. On a holistic sense designs are expected to showcase the intentions that exist beyond the construction and object in a crystal clear manner. Distinguishing a Bad Design from a Good one may be easy and doable by a number of generalists. The trick is differentiating a good design from a great one! This need a bit of a Formulaic, expertise beyond expertise if I may have the luxury to say so….

A good design needs may be a neat and error free typography, aesthetic as well as powerful presentation, and interactive yet minimal designs and so on. The food for thought is “When these are the set rules for a Good Design, how do I take mine beyond?” Any designer who is at the Top of his / her game, would be extremely skilled at what he / she does. There is a set of rules to reach the desired result under almost every scenario, the patterns are all there, unearthed and ready to use. But, it is time a good designer moves on, competes against his own perfection and metamorphosis into a great designer. After the generalization is conquered would the specialties start getting more visible? We term it as the look and beauty quotient or simply out aesthetics. We need to stress at this juncture that for designers aesthetics may not essentially mean eye pleasing but a very wise use of colors and design.

There is an undecided battle waged forever between aesthetics and purpose in the field of designs! To the creator and artists the aesthetic value of a design would be the best criteria to judge its worth but this may not hold water to the customer whose prime motive is to purport his product / service to the desired target audience at the desired scale. In a highly competitive market the customer’s perspective is the only reality to a service provider. Hence, the customer’s expectation that a prospective market for his products / service should be able to connect to the design and it needs to be effective is supreme over anything else.

There are avenues where both these perspectives can merge to formulate the best design. To begin with, small drops for a big ocean. Similarly attention to seemingly minute details such as a misplaced icon, thickness of border etc. Every great web designer has a perfectionist bent of mind. Then comes the main part. Great Design spurs from that one creative thoughts that springs up from a million others, none of which can be taught under a syllabus! Another factor that has always been a distinguishing feature of a Great Design is serving the purpose. Usability is a major criteria to sell successfully and hence the tact of retaining the aesthetics while successfully connecting with the target audience is a great asset.

As the great saying goes “Practice Makes things Perfect”, web design is not a place for stagnant talent. If not real time a timely learning of development and trends is basic. Also a great design cannot be limited to usage of different colours or flashy graphics it is the fruitful culmination of aesthetics, usability and effectiveness that can drive home the intended message to the target audience in a seamless manner.

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