Identity & Branding


PhoenixEOS commenced services around 2013, offering the best integration of Architecture and Engineering solutions. The company offers one stop, state of art and tested solutions for CAD services with specialised services such as Building Information Modelling. This concept which is niche in India is a compulsory standard in many countries abroad. A far reaching long standing brand, creation of logo, website creation, marketing material design, were efficiently coined by us in magnetikmind.


The nature of operations performed by the company was niche as for our country was concerned, which is the primary market for the company. We were tasked to create a far-reaching brand that was simple yet revolutionary akin to the very essence of the company.

Modus Operandi

The design of companies that offer technologically niche services are technically strong but are generally visually unappealing. We at magnetic mind through a soulful combination of attractive presentation and practical content created an entirely fresh footprint that was intelligent as well as aesthetic.


The company expanded manifold encompassing a number of projects in India.

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