How Long Is So Long?

How Long Is So Long?

“Being Creative is a way of Life” and there can be no time stamps over it. Every professional engagement is aimed at delivering / value addition in a pre-determined timeline which coexists in a larger scheme of events. Artist is one such professional whose work is a combination of instincts and professional acumen where quantification becomes a real hassle!

Every client is unique from the first greeting when he enters the office to his style of working, expectations, expressions, assertions and many more. It is a unique and rewarding experience to deal with every client, if I say so! Since the client belongs to a wide variety of vocations expecting them to appreciate the birth of a design is like asking the Lion not to eat you because you will not eat that! Having said that the designer’s business is built upon the foundation called goodwill and long-standing associates are the key! So how can we communicate the intuitive process involved in creating aesthetics?

The first rule of thumb is avoiding over-commitment in the enthusiasm to procure an order. “I need to say yes to everything to take this order” is the worst nightmare you can let yourself into. There are a lot of management level issues when any project kicks in and though in a subtle manner accepting and politely but clearly resonating the ground realities would be of immense help. Foundation is the holding block of any project, literally so! Hence, starting a little slower might not hurt as much as putting in months of hard work just to realize that the place you started off was itself wrong. So clearly defining the scope and requirements however tedious it takes is an effort worth working for. The next questions that would flow logically from the client would be “When will my design be ready?”

Now, this is the trickiest part for having given the expectations the client automatically assumes that his end of the work is accomplished the design might manifest like magic. Here is the place your professional experience would come into play and a lead time with maximum cushion possible is to be estimated. At the same time, the timeline requested should not be so relaxed that it triggers lethargy at the creators end. The balancing act is required which would flow as a natural outcome of the professional experience. As the last screw remember that associations need not be many but needs to be long lasting for a successful designing business.

People who want supernatural magic to occur in the turnaround time might end in burning your creativity and tarnishing the company’s image. Hence, it is always advisable to choose wisely when it comes to the type of clients you would want to work with.

It is not a difficult task to reveal reality; only with a pinch of tact!
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has mastered the art of design with carefully drawn out process of detailing and persuasion. Though he gives weightage to all forms of advertising and design; it is in logo design that you get to see his specialization


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