Festival. Celebrations. Selling with Smile.

Festival. Celebrations. Selling with Smile.

Diwali – the word by itself drowns us in a million beautiful memories of joy. The history declares this to be a victory of righteousness over arrogance, similar to an internal transformation that needs to be brought about at a spiritual level. In India as well as many parts of the world, the preparation of this festival of lights starts way before the big day with much pomp and grandeur. Children and elders alike are thrilled to see the crackers burst, wear the colorful new clothes and relish the sumptuous and tasty treat that has been prepared. This festival of fervor rightly marks the New Year in the Hindu calendar in North and West of India. The shine of the numerous earthen lamps motivate us to reflect on out actions in the past year and learn from our experiences , innovate ourselves and perfect the process of shining ever so vibrantly through the journey of life.The lingering taste of the delicacies is akin to the uplifted spirits of the people is sure to lead a million achievements in the New Year.

Just as the flame of a lamp always points upward, Diwali is most importantly a time to celebrate and appreciate life and to look forward to the coming year with a renewed sense of purpose and passion.

While you soak in the festive season to relax and enjoy, also take some to time to journal.

Make a list of the personal qualities that hamper your professional growth. Commit yourself to getting rid of one of these qualities starting in the here and now.

Make a list of qualities that nurture your inner light. Commit yourself to further cultivating one of these qualities starting in the here and now.

Identify some simple yet transformative ways in which you can share your inner light/strengths with others. For example, saying a simple “Hello. How are you?” to all those you encounter and really listen to their answer, smiling at people you encounter while sitting on the train or standing in line at the post office or grocery store, and quietly blessing others as they pass by you on the street. Commit yourself to implementing one of these gestures starting in the here and now.

Why are we telling you this? Why keeping a journal is the way? Let us explain.

magnetikmind wants you to start the process of personally attracting positivity and trust this season. When you implement these actions as a person, you grow professionally too! How? For example, saying a simple “Hello. How are you?” to your customers with a genuine smile leads to better customer engagement and rapport building. So no matter what products you’re selling or what quality are they of; all human beings want acceptance. This is the basic human need. A smile is a simple gesture of acknowledging and accepting someone. So when you give your smile and attention to your customers; they will come back to you again and again. You are in this process building brand loyalty that will last for a long time. So this exercise of keeping a check on yourself through a journal will turn you into a better person and a good professional too. Also, smile is contagious. So start smiling every day and attract lots of cheer from this festive season onwards….

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