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Silly ideas to Spectacular Branding

“Idea is nobody’s monopoly” are the words of the great late Mr. Dhirubai Ambani. In erratic tranches amidst a scene in a movie, a view outside the window or a phone conversation with a long lost buddy do we come across an idea that actually sparks! An idea that gives birth to endless thought triggering ground breaking design & branding strategies. All great branding / design process starts with the essential “Wow factor” that occurs in a streak of thought randomly. Then this thought metamorphoses into many ideas as our imagination takes charge of the situation.  Any idea bequeaths the title ground breaking only after it succeeds, so at the initial stage even the best of the ideas have managed to look simple and silly.

All discoveries are the weird imaginations of great scientist that took wings by a disciplined and painstaking execution process. Generally the anticipated end result is the starting point for thinking about ideas. In case of design and branding the envisaged market reach and the segment of customers often become the first point in conceiving an idea for the customer and his campaign. Our approach differs from analytical vocations in the sense that this is creativity infused and aims at impressing the senses of the target audience. Many a times the art of design tends to be the convincing portrayal of luxury as necessity. Even the most creative of the disciplines like design needs to be tamed for results. Thus, the interesting, silly and seemingly undoable ideas are tuned to reality in order to fit the campaign objective by design agency. The polished outcomes are then worked upon to fit in the holistic scheme of business of the client.

In history there have been many ideas of branding and business promotion that have been ridiculed as outright silly but found to have taken the market by storm upon successful launch. A classic example to support the above slated statement is the seventh album that was released by the Radiohead band. In a world of music with simple formula like a talent + label = Millions, the digital age of downloading and sharing disrupted the standard strategy. It was called outright crazy when the band chose a digital release of their seventh album directly to the fans, with a tag “Pay for what you want”. Then came the icing on the cake, with more than 3 million downloads and USD 10 million in revenue, it became the newest hit digital marketing strategy in town. It sure took them a lot of guts to try a novel unheard technique but it paid off too.

The main catch point from this whole ordeal is that in today’s extremely dynamic marketplace a design and branding company would need to not be averse but explore new ways to accept competition and technology. Also we need to invest and nurture a winning relationship with our direct customers who are the lifeline of the business. Any idea, however funny it may sound at conception can become ground breaking if developed in a disciplined manner with a view of success of the objectives of the client.

This is the exact ideology that we adopt and follow here at at magnetikmind. Our extremely talented and over the edge associates enjoy creating novel branding and design ideas with the aid of ever developing technology which look like an unconquerable dragon at the start. Then we nurture these ideas with a disciplined process for the ultimate success of the client’s business.

After all Design and Branding is all about successful selling, isn’t it!!!!

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