We Breathe Creativity

Creativity is the only drug we believe in at Magnetikmind. We deeply connect with the client requirements, assess the target audience and create ground breaking brands and designs that speak volumes. There is no alternate for a great brand and we completely reflect this faith in our technically competent, creatively best designs and Brands.


How we Create Ground-Breaking Designs

Innovation, creativity, customer orientation and cutting-edge technology serve as our four pillars. The interesting interaction of bubbling enthusiasm and channelled efficiency is worth experiencing and that’s exactly how our work in progress looks. The very existence of our services is to amplify the impact of your product and that becomes the focal point of our working style. Your Dreams are our Goals! You’re just a dream brand away!


    The starting point of a project emerges when the designer perceives the vision of the client as the same is to be translated into a design. A very clear and precise outlay is obtained from the client for a seamless integration of the client’s vision into the designing process. Thereafter a detailed as well as conscious research is conducted on the relevant topics to perceive unique as well as winning ideas for the prospective design.


    A design involves the effort of more than one mind in terms of conception, market visibility, viable design techniques as well as overall compatibility of ideas in terms of coexistence. This calls for effective brainstorming among the skilled team members for optimal results that benefit the vision of the client immensely. Then the first prototype of the design is born which is further revised multiple types based on continuous innovative process.


    Creative conception of the basic design is the key task of any digital and general designer. Then a rhythm is created for the successful execution of the design as conceived at the time of creative designing. Execution of the design is extremely crucial as this is the stage wherein the goals of the client are being communicated to the target audience.


    Success of a design does not end with the mere delivery of a groundbreaking model. This actually extends to delivering the design at the right time in the apt manner as well as monitoring the same on periodical basis for possible improvisation. Continuous improvement is a   prerequisite for a winning design. Review of design happens at regular intervals after successful implementation.

Our Team

  • Dinesh Kalola
    Founder - Director


25 Aug, 2017 | magnetikmind

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